¡Buen Provecho!

treasured secret flavors

This cookbook is dedicated to the generations of women in our respective families who created, established and handed down, orally or written, the recipes of their learning and life. They dealt with laborious processes, planting, harvesting, from field to stove to table with the lack of any modern conveniences. They lived on ranches without electricity and plumbing and found ways to feed, clothe, school, cook and nourish the family with love.

Their food was savory, ample in portions, homemade, traditional and flavorful. Many different dishes were made from one main recipe. Not leftover but a complete and tasty do-over. Through our mothers and grandmothers the legacies live on in the comfort food we continue to prepare without the hardships they endured. Some of the dishes are made from long held, unshared family “secret” recipes.

Throughout the years, the cooking coupled with traditions, provided the family and friends the opportunity to work, laugh, talk and be together and ultimately enjoy the food and each other. Our ancestors also taught us that Mexican food is economical to prepare. We continue to spend time with each other and our families and friends by cooking and embracing our past and new traditions. We also practice to try a “pinch or sprinkle” of this and that to enhance the flavor. The recipe is a foundation but does not mean, one cannot add their own touch. That is why cooking is such an art of blending, tasting, enhancing, cooking and serving.

We present our legacy recipes knowing that our generous ancestors would rejoice in the sharing and enjoying of their gifts. So enjoy our stories, our recipes, and our cookbook ¡Buen Provecho! Treasured Secret Flavors.

Maria, Pat and Sue – the descendants who honor the traditions.